Beauty and the Beast!

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Cast list for the Richmond Community Theatre!

Zuri Covington (and Gaston’s crony)
Hayleigh McCormick (and Wolf)
Paige Simmons (and Wolf)
Corinne Peacock (and Wolf)
Sabrina McDonald (and Wolf)
Jan’Nice Conrad (and Wolf)
Teressa Beaver (understudy Babette)
Allison Roberts (understudy Silly Girls)

Silly Girls
Amanda Moss (understudy Bouche)
Vanessa Schneider
Erin McNair (Understudy Belle)

Enchanted Servants
Mrs. Potts – Lynn Hicks Blake
Cogsworth- Robert Smith
Lumiere – Jason Harris
Babette – Carly McKay
Madame Grande Bouche – Ashley Shepherd
Chip – Austin Taylor

Madame D’Arque – Kayla Clark
LeFou – Alex Hill
Gaston – Isaac White

Maurice – Cleve Baxley
Beast – John Tyson
Belle – Lauren Lutz

Lighting board operator- Nicole Abisror
Sound Board operator- Kim Newton

Set crew- Jimmy Newton
Set and Backstage crew-  Raven Roberts, Taylor Nichols, Leanne Brewer, Jessie Wilson

Costumes- Valeria Lunceford